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South African Education Initiatives

March 5, 2008

What It’s About:

Henry has begun talking about his recent trip to South Africa, where he was faced with poverty, AIDS , and issues surrounding the imminent and inevitable increase of orphans, as their mothers continue to die from AIDS, hunger and sickness.  There can be no chance without education.

How Henry Helps:

Increasing awareness through his talking shows, recently filmed two shows in South Africa, which will be broadcast, along with footage of his travels through the streets, later this year.  Watch for a forthcoming DVD release.

To Find Out More (please note that the following sites are not directly endorsed by Henry Rollins):

Learn about HIV/AIDS in South Africa at the UNESCO website (Official Site)

An excellent article on girl’s education on the UNICEF website (Article), including a link to donate

Visit the Ubuntu Education Fund (Official Site) to learn about (and donate to) their initiatives and programs in the Eastern Cape Province region of South Africa